Welcome SPRING!!! (and a printable FREEBIE!)

I don’t know about how winter is where you live, but here in UT – it was and has been a LONG winter here!  It seemed like the pipe freezing, below zero, weather in January would NEVER end… But it’s so good to have days where the sun shines and there are hints of green popping up here and there.  I really wish I had planted some bulbs last fall, but maybe this year! I miss the daffodils we had at our last house.  *We moved into our “new” house last summer.  I can’t believe we’ve almost been here a year already…. plus all the projects that I want to do that haven’t begun yet… LOL

One of the things I love about the new house is that I’ve decorated the living room in all browns, with the plan of adding pops of color for each season.  I strung cute little construction paper hearts on baker’s twine for Valentine’s day, a couple of vases of red silk roses, and a few other holiday shelf sitters.  For Easter and Spring, I wanted to make another banner/swag thing to go on my window.  I had seen this adorable one on pinterest from danamadeit.com  So I bought my supplies and got all ready to make it.  I sat down and cut out a half a million bunnies.  OK, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much!  Then it occurred to me that I never really thought about how long it would take to sew ALL those bunnies together! There was NO way I was actually going to do that, so I had to think of another idea.  First I thought I’d just sew a running stitch through the bunnies (1 ply instead of 2) and hang them that way.  But it would take even more bunnies than I had already cut out!  So back to the drawing board I went… Then inspiration struck when I thought about the Valentine one I had actually wanted to make (burlap with stamped or felt red hearts).  So I bought some burlap, cut it into squares, and got out my hot glue gun.  I just added a few dots of glue to each bunny to attach it to the squares and then a bit more on the top and folded it over the baker’s twine.  I so LOVE how it turned out!  IMG_3606

Here are some more pics of my easter decor:easter decor 2013

And just for fun, I made you a little SPRING printable to frame! (created to be printed as a 5×7″)

spring signClick on picture or here to download.

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