More St. Patrick’s fun (and a freebie!)


Need a last minute idea to do something little and fun for your kids, friends, or family?   This is the perfect quick project for you! I first saw this idea on They used kisses and m&ms for theirs and were cute too! 

Here’s what you need:

Pretzels (regular twisted ones and stick pretzels), green chocolate melts, and green m&ms or other green candies.

1.Lay the pretzels out in a clover shape and top with one or two melts. I used some Wilton candy melts that I had in a light green. It would have been a lot cuter in a darker green, but I just made do with what I had on hand.


2. Put in the oven at 200 degrees for about 4 minutes. Pull them out and check them. They often look like they’re not melted, but they are.  Mine weren’t quite soft enough, so I put them back in for 2 minutes.  Then took a toothpick and smoothed them around a bit to make sure they were all the way attached to all the pretzels.

3. Then add whatever candy you have to the center.  Totally not necessary, but a nice extra pop of color.  The ones I used, again, were just what I had on hand already.  Then I didn’t think it was GREEN enough, so I tried coloring some sugar and sprinkling that on… Yeah… don’t do that… made it look a bit dorky.  But oh well!!!! Still looks cute!


5. You can just let them harden on your counter, or stick them in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes.

6. Now you can package them! I made these adorable little tags for you too! You can use them as a tag, cupcake topper, or even a sticker.  For the bag, again, I used what I had on hand and just cut off the top of a ziplock bag, tied with bakers twine and attached the cute little tag.  I like to punch them out with my little scalloped circle punch, and my new bracket shaped one too!  Do you love them as much as I do???


Click here or on the picture below to download the sheet of labels.

st patty_s cupcake

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